Charity House Apartments, LLLP Project Narrative

“1. Describe the bond financing structure and include the following:
a. Total amount of bonds with a breakout of construcNon period bonds vs. permanent
Charity’s House is requesting $6.5 Million in total bonding capacity. This amount will be bought down to $4,596,000 at conversion to perm.
b. Bond issuer (please specify whether you are seeking a CHFA bond-financed loan, a CHFA conduit bond issue only, or bonds from another municipal source).
i. If CHFA is the bond issuer, private activity bonds will be limited to ~52% of the aggregate basis.
Charity’s House is requesting a CHFA bond issuance.
c. Lender and bond sale structure (public sale/ private placement, takeout, securitzaton, etc.).
Private placement with a Freddie TEL takeout
d. Portion of bonds that will be tax-exempt and taxable
100% of bonds for Charity’s House will be tax-exempt.

Local Outreach –Community Outreach Service Center has received both council and community support for this project. The design team has met with current and former Denver City council members and received written support attached to the application. The design team has also reached out to the CurNs Park Registered Neighborhood Organization and provided the board president with project information.”
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Blueline Development, Inc obtained through Freedom of Information Act from Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.